OnlyFans and Facebook

So you might be curious if you’re allowed to post your OnlyFans link on your Facebook page and it’s definitely a good thing you’re doing your research, because like Instagram, Facebook has very strict rules on what links are ok and what is not. Facebook is known to change or update their TOS with the daily weather so always lean to the side of caution when using an account that means a lot to you. It’s always way better to use a link service like Linktree. This will allow you to have links to your OnlyFans that are both Instagram and Facebook friendly, without as much of the hassle and worry of trying to post them directly to your social networking accounts, thus possibly jeopardizing your whole business. Again, Always lean to the side of Caution.
If done and used correctly, Facebook can be one of the best and most lucrative revenues for new OnlyFans Subscribers.
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