OnlyFans and Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for growing your OnlyFans audience but you need to be VERY careful on what you post because as of December, 2020, Instagram’s TOS was updated to prohibit linking to sites that provide nudity and pornographic material and this includes OnlyFans. Your account WILL be punished and or removed by Instagram if you directly link to your OnlyFans in your BIO or in a post! Do NOT test this. You WILL lose your account.
With that said there’s plenty of ways to get around this but the most popular is by using services like Linktree. This is a premium site with a free trial of usually 30days. After 30days the cost per month is generally around $6. Link tree is a site that allows you to have a single page landing page that has all your links listed with the proper adult content warnings and such. After adding all your OnlyFans links and Instagram etc to your Linktree account, you simply share the unique code you got when you signed up on your Instagram/Facebook etc. Because there’s no nudity on the linktree account it doesn’t yet violate the TOS of the major social networking sites. I say YET because they literally change hourly and who knows what they have planned next.